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Sunday Mornings (Evening below)

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18-10-20          R.McMahan          Your will be done

11-10-20          R.McMahan          Your kingdom come

04-10-20          R.McMahan          Hallowing God's name

27-09-20          R.McMahan          "Our Father"

20-09-20          R.McMahan          Sunday Service

13-09-20          R.McMahan          Harvest Thanksgiving

06-09-20          R.McMahan          Sunday 6th Sept

30-08-20          R.McMahan          The church bully

23-08-20          R.McMahan          The hospitable helper

16-08-20          R.McMahan          Writing to a friend

09-08-20          R.McMahan          The God who loves

02-08-20          R.McMahan          When God is good

26-07-20          R.McMahan          The God who knows it all

19-07-20          R.McMahan          No Justice, No Peace

12-07-20          R.McMahan          God's got the power

05-07-20          R.McMahan          The God who changes not

28-06-20          R.McMahan          God is everywhere

21-05-20          R.McMahan          From everlasting to everlasting you are God

14-05-20          R.McMahan          The holiness of God

07-06-20          R.McMahan          Meeting your Maker

31-05-20          R.McMahan          Paul's superior send off

24-05-20     R.McMahan          The tale of Tychicus

17-05-20          R.McMahan          Put on with prayer

10-05-20          R.McMahan          An offensive weapon

03-05-20          R.McMahan          The lid that shelters the mind

26-04-20          R.McMahan          The Christian's Iron Dome

19-04-20          R.McMahan          Shoes of stability

12-04-20          R.McMahan          Doubting to Devoted

05-04-20          R.McMahan          The Lamb arrives

29-03-20          R.McMahan          The plate that protects

22-03-20          R.McMahan          The Christian in the Covid crisis

15-03-20          R.McMahan          The belt that holds everything in place

08-03-20          R.McMahan          Believer's boot camp

01-03-20          R.McMahan          Who is the real boss you work for?

23-02-20          R.McMahan          Obey and Instruct

16-02-20          R.McMahan          The charge to the spouses

09-02-20          P.Salina                   Horeb - the mountain of hope

02-02-20          R.Griffiths            Though he stumble he will not fall

26-10-20          R.McMahan          Submit one to another

19-01-20          R.McMahan          What's filling you today?

12-10-20          R.McMahan          Dr Paul's Time Management seminar

05-01-20          R.Griffiths              Decisions, decisions, decisions

29-12-19          R.McMahan          Let's talk about sex

24-12-19          R.McMahan          The First Nowell

22-12-19          R.McMahan          The real Santa Claus

15-12-19          R.McMahan          A candy cane Christmas message

08-12-19          R.McMahan          The real Christmas tree

01-12-19          R.McMahan          Christmas lights

24-11-19           R.McMahan          Church first aid

17-11-19          R.McMahan          Grieving the Ghost

10-11-19          R.McMahan          The unseen theatre of war

03-11-19          R.McMahan          What's so wondrous about the cross?

27-10-19          R.McMahan          The young man with the big question

20-10-19          R.McMahan          The taming of the tongue

13-10-19          A. Clark                  The people who God saves

06-10-19          R.McMahan          Praise from the Proto-Church

29-09-19          R.McMahan          The life that gives not takes

22-09-19          R.McMahan          Abraham lets Lot choose

15-09-19          R.McMahan          Truth matters

08-09-19          R.McMahan          The way we used to be

01-09-19          R.McMahan           The pastor's job description

25-08-19          R.McMahan          "Christians! Well let me tell you"

18-08-19          R.McMahan          The question of suffering

11-08-19          R.McMahan          Is Jesus the only way?

04-08-19          R.McMahan          The question of miracles

28-07-19          R.McMahan          How can I know the Bible is reliable

21-07-19          R.McMahan          How can I know God exists?

14-07-19          P.Salina                 Golgotha; hill of sacrifice

07-06-19          R.Griffiths            The truth will set you free

30-06-19          No Recording

23-06-19          R.McMahan          Seven ones are one

16-06-19          R.McMahan          The church of funny walks

09-05-19          R.McMahan          Sunday School Prizegiving parents' talk

02-15-19          R.McMahan          The move to meddling

26-05-19          R.McMahan          An outpouring of praise

19-05-19          R.McMahan          The dimensions of Jesus love

12-05-19          R.McMahan          The scrutiny of the church

05-05-19          R.McMahan          Bring down the wall

28-04-19          T.Robinson          Kids4School talk

21-04-19          R.McMahan          Sadness to Joy

14-04-19          R.McMahan          King, but only for a day

07-04-19          R.Griffiths             Christ in You

24-03-19          No Recording

17-03-19          No Recording

10-03-19          R.McMahan          But God steps in

03-03-19          R.McMahan          The Walking Dead

24-02-19          R.McMahan          Our Living Head

17-02-19          R.McMahan          Christ in session

10-02-19          R.McMahan          Who hears of us?

03-02-19          R.McMahan          A working Godhead

27-01-19          R.McMahan          Adopted children in God 

20-01-19          R.McMahan          To the Saints who are chosen

13-01-19          R.McMahan          Who should open this mail?

06-01-19          R.McMahan          An Ambassador for Christ


The Commandments

given to Moses


R.McMahan          And nothing but the truth (Commandment 9)   05-01-14

R.McMahan          Fairness in all things (Commandment 8)          24-11-13

R.McMahan          Faithfulness in all things (Commandment 7)    17-11-13

R.McMahan          Thou shalt not kill (Commandment 6)               10-11-13

R.McMahan          Honouring our parents (Commandment 5)        03-11-13

R.McMahan          This is the day (Commandment 4)                    27-10-13

R.McMahan          What's in a name? (Commandment 3)              06-10-13

R.McMahan          No Photos Please (Commandment 2)               29-09-13

R.McMahan          None before me (Commandment 1)                  22-09-13

R. McMahan          What's the law all about                                   15-09-13


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