About Us

Cumnock Congregational Church drawing



Sunday Mornings at 11.00am

Sunday Evenings at 6.30pm


Our worship encompasses all ages and there is a warm and friendly atmosphere



Mission and Outreach

As a Church we recognise that we have a part to play in supporting mission both at home and abroad and to this end an active Mission Committee oversees the mission work of the Church, with a commitment to give a minimum of 10% of the total annual giving of the Church going directly to mission work.

The church has ministerial access to local primary and secondary schools and sees this as an important aspect of outreach to young people.

We offer a range of activities to cater for the variety of needs within our membership and local community

Our mission can be summed up as:

To reach out to God in worship

To reach out to one another in fellowship

To reach out to our community and our world with the

Good News of Jesus Christ


The Diaconate is an elected body who oversees the day to day business of  the Church.  Currently consisting of 19 members it meets on a regular basis to consider matters relating to the Church.  The Diaconate is chaired by the Church President and reports directly to the Church by way of regular Church meetings.